Axis’ sustainability report shows progress during an eventful 2015

Axis Communications today presents its sustainability report for 2015. The report describes progress in a number of fields, such as a strengthened position with regards to anti-corruption and a decreased use of environmentally-threatening materials in the company’s product portfolio of cameras and encoders. The sustainability report was prepared according to the G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.
“Sustainability is an important and integrated part of Axis’ business operations and plays a significant role in our successful development. We develop innovative and intelligent products and solutions that enable a smarter and safer world. As market leader in network video we also want to be a leader when it comes to sustainability,” says Ray Mauritsson, president of Axis.
An eventful 2015 was highlighted by the Canon acquisition of about 85 percent of Axis shares. A strong and long-term owner makes it possible for Axis to further strengthen the company’s’ competiveness as well as its commitment to sustainability as an integrated part of the business.
“We are well-prepared to continue to deliver profitable growth and do so in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable way. This culture of consciousness is made possible thanks to our dedicated and skilled employees. We are determined to ensure that everything we do is characterized by responsibility, transparency and trustworthiness. Sustainability is important within our company as well as in the value chain as a whole,” adds Mauritsson.
Sustainability highlights from 2015 include:
* Axis advanced its position with regard to countering corruption and bribery. The zero tolerance policy against corruption covers employees, the board of directors, suppliers, distributors and partners.
* The company furthered a commitment to reducing carbon emissions generated by business trips with new stricter guidelines for business travel. This carbon offset is carried out in conjunction with a Plan Vivo project contributing to environmental and social improvements.
* A Green Design Evaluation Form was introduced in the product development processes in all projects with the aim of integrating even stronger environmental considerations into product development – without compromising product quality and functionality requirements.
* A green lease was signed with one of Axis’ property owners in Lund, outlining ways that Axis and the property owner shall work actively together to reduce the environmental burden on the premises and property.
* Axis has the goal to phase out PVC from its products and at the end of 2015, about 70 percent of all network cameras and encoders were PVC-free.
* The supplier auditing processes were improved further. Stricter requirements and collaboration with Axis has meant that many suppliers have improved their sustainability work.
* To further improve the working environment, Axis implemented measures such as: creating a new rehabilitation process for employees in Sweden aimed at getting persons who are ill back to work faster; implementing preventive health and safety programs , and improving security at workplaces in several different countries.
* A number of initiatives were implemented in order to promote greater equality and diversity, including a gender analysis study and a salary survey in Sweden.
Axis Communications reports to the G4 standard. As part of this reporting standard, the company has initiated dialogue with key target groups and stakeholders, which has provided important insights that can be used to continue improving the company’s long-term sustainability work.
The complete 2015 Axis Sustainability Report is available for download at

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