Axis continues design innovation with two specialty corner cameras for specific market needs

Axis Communications has continued to listen to industry needs and announces two specialty camera models for corner-mount usage, with specific design features to meet particular use cases.

AXIS P9106-V Network Camera Brushed Steel model has a design that is perfect for blending into the aesthetic in elevators, whereas AXIS P9106-V Network Camera White model is ligature-resistant (also known as anti-ligature), ideal for, among others, the healthcare sector. The 3 MP cameras are specially designed for out-of-the-box optimized corner-to-corner coverage. They can cover up to 130 degrees horizontally and 95 degrees vertically, without blind spots.

“For niche applications such as surveillance in elevators, interview rooms, and psychiatric wards, our clients face very specific challenges and seek to achieve specific benefits that are not commonly addressed by standard products available in the market” said Michael Chen, Global Product Manager at Axis Communications.

“But thanks to our strong partnership network globally, we are able to work alongside system integrators and end-users to ensure our new cameras’ designs serve their needs and exceed their expectations in aesthetics, usability and durability. In our dedication to innovating and creating cameras for long-term use, we are proud to present these two new specialty cameras that will help our clients utilize our technology in even more industries.”

The white ligature-resistant model eliminates the chances for vulnerable people, such as those in mental health care or police custody, to use the device for self-harm. Network audio can be added by pairing AXIS P9106-V with AXIS T6112 Audio and I/O Interface and its portcast technology, so it can also record dialogue, which is very useful in applications such as police interview rooms.

Additionally, the camera can be re-painted to match any environment, decreasing the chances of it standing out and upsetting or irritating vulnerable persons. If the camera is defaced, its abrasion- and chemical-resistant front window is easy to clean with the help of detergents or simple graffiti remover.

The brushed steel model is designed to blend in with elegant elevator environments, such as in high-class establishments in commercial environments. The camera benefits from no visible screws, adding to its elegant design feature. If the camera has been affected or targeted by vandalism, the durable front window is easy to clean or replace, as per the white model.

Michael adds, “Specifically in the elevator application, customers expressed the cumbersome procedures involved if any camera maintenance would require access inside the elevator shaft. To address this, we have designed the camera to be fully accessible from inside the elevator, reducing maintenance time and costs, while keeping the camera compact and discreet, to blend into elegant spaces.”

These new corner cameras are easy to install alone, thanks to innovative screw gaskets. They also come pre-focused, helping installers complete the set-up quickly and correctly, which decreases installation costs.

Both models are IK10- and IP66-rated for protection against impact, dirt and water ingress. The hardened cameras are compatible with multiple connectivity options to allow installation in environments where infrastructure requirements are unique. Choose between: PoE, PoE over Coax, and PoE over 2-wire connections (separate connectivity devices required). The latter of these is common, e.g. in travelling cables along elevator shafts.

The cameras will be available in Q4 to the suggested retail prices USD 649 for AXIS P9106-V Network Camera Brushed Steel and USD 599 for AXIS P9106-V Network Camera White model.

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